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If you want to learn about Slingerland Drums you have found the best place on the Internet! We have more Slingerland history and expert advice then any other web site.

We have vintage historians with years of knowledge and their knowledge has been gathered on our vintage drum guide with dating guides, serial number guides, finish guides and hardware guides.

We have a huge collection of snare drum and drum set catalog scans for you to look at to date the year of your Slingerland drums and look at the timeline of Radio Kings and how the name was used over the companies history.

Our Slingerland Drum Company History is unmatched in the vintage community and most dealers and collectors come to us to do research and learn more about Slingerland Drums.

Our resident expert known as DrCJW (on the drum forums) has excellent articles for your to learn from. So if you want to learn about Slingerland then let The Slingerland Drum Experts help.

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