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Hello, you might be asking yourself a few questions right about now. What makes an "Expert"? and how do I know these guys are giving me useful information? These are good questions, so let us go into a little more detail. First and foremost, it is The Drum Expert(s) there is more than just one person with information!

Since there are so many different instruments, brands and playing styles in the drumming world, it is impossible for one person to know it all. The experts are made up of two drummers/percussionists that have been in the drumming world in some form or fashion for over 70 years of combined drumming experience.

In that time, we have developed a network of industry people and every day drummers that in some way have become experts in their own little world of drumming. So we have professional percussionists, pan players, drum set players, recording experts, drum history experts, drum manufacturers and drum building experts all ready to help.

Our network of drummers are usually checking in to our Drum Forum which has been on the Internet for over 10 years. There are over 11,000 members! All ready to help answer questions. So, when Dave and Jim can't answer a question, we find the person that can. If we need more background, we go to the forum and post the question for our members to help with.

We routinely provide detailed information, links and even images from catalogs to substantiate the answer and help you do more research. We have answered 1,000 of questions and have been doing so for over 10 years.

With the FAQ, we can archive this valuable information for others to find. This gives us a great resource for years to come and also provides a track record of our work in the drumming world.

Thank You!


- The Drum Experts

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